Say Something Stellar

Say Something Stellar

Say Something Stellar

Our network of over 1000 billboards will help you grow your business. We’ll connect you with new customers, using well designed and perfectly placed advertising.

Stop Wasting Money

Start Being Seen

Many businesses waste time, money, and effort on advertising that just doesn’t work for them. Get the most cost-effective and efficient solution, with a billboard on a busy road that will bring lots of traffic to your business.

The Right Choice


Create an eye-catching billboard that people will remember and think about next time they need your services.


Billboards are physically the biggest form of advertisement available to promote your business and get people in the door.

Cost Effective

Get the best bang for your buck. A billboard is always on, and costs less per impression than any other form of advertising. Pay less and earn more.

70 Years

Our Experience

Our oldest company, Annis-Way Signs, was established in 1947 by Lloyd Annis. Lloyd was an artist and sign writer who lovingly hand-painted signs and billboards for many decades. For over 70 years, we have helped our clients grow their businesses by creating billboards that are effective and produce results.


Campaign Development

We'll help you figure out your exact goal for your billboard. That could mean getting more people to your website, or bringing people directly to your business. Maybe you want to do a promotion. Whatever it is, we'll help you with your needs.

Custom Billboards

We'll design the best billboard for your business. We know the key factors in billboard design, including distance and view-time. We keep this in mind when designing every single one of our billboards.

Billboard Deployment

Our crews will install your advertisement on time and ensure your billboard is always looking its best. Our interactive map will help you locate where we have billboards right now. 

Property Rentals

We rent property from local landowners to place our billboards in prime locations with the best possible visibility. We are always looking for opportunities to develop new sites. We help your business and provide local landowners with income for spare property that they are not using. 

Getting Started

Define Your Goals

Knowing what you want to achieve will help us create the right design and suggest the best possibe locations, so you get the best return on your investment.

Choose Locations

Using our interactive mapping system, we'll help you choose the right locations to get your message in front of the right customers.

Get a Quote

We'll create a custom quote based on your design and location requirements.


Here are just a few of our many billboard locations. We have a variety of shapes and sizes of billboards to best serve your specific needs. 

Proven Results

Bay of Quinte Regional Marketing Board

"We love our Stellar billboards! Right away after they went up, we had multiple people reach out to say they saw them and they looked great. They're excellent for brand awareness the the price is equally excellent. We've also had a great experience with staff - they really care about helping us to make our designs pop + make sure they'll be effective at a distance. We would recommend working with Stellar to anyone."

Dug Stevenson, Executive Director
Bay of Quinte Regional Marketing Board

Kawartha Team Twin Real Estate

“Jenn and I absolutely love the feedback and attention we’ve received from this HUGE Stellar board!! We dream big and this sign is exactly what we envisioned - literally stops traffic!”

Nicole Evanoff, Kawartha Team Twin Realty
Evanoff Real Estate Ltd. Brokerage
Kawartha Team Twin Real Estate

Get a Billboard

Our team is looking forward to helping you and your business bring in more customers. Simply contact us and we will be in touch on what we need to get started on the best piece of advertising your business could have.