Say something Stellar.

At Stellar and Vision, we promise to provide innovative, memorable, powerful and cost-effective advertising. Our network of over 365 billboards will help you grow your business. We will connect you with new customers using well designed and perfectly placed advertising.

  • "Stellar Signs" a prime example of quality marketing exposure and dependable customer service in the Billboard Industry. Their ability to help in the layout and production with the warm customer service from Michelle and Kristine makes them easy to recommend. They have great support and are helpful when called on. It has allowed me the added exposure I need for my extremely competitive rapid growth to the top of the Real Estate Market"
    Tav Schembri, Remax
  • My customers pass both boards and love them. They get unbelievable exposure. I like the awareness the dealership gets.
    Marty Jenkins, Mac Lang Orillia
  • I've noticed that I have an increased number of visitors to my website since the billboards went up, and I get plenty of calls. In addition, Clients have mentioned that the billboards have helped them get to my business. Stellar has the best service ever. I am very happy with my boards on Highway 12.
    Gary Acton, Dee Jay Trailers
  • Since we started advertising with Stellar, we have had a lot of calls coming in. Clients have passed the signs and have simply replied “Wow”.  We appreciate the exposure we have been getting from billboards, and are very pleased with the awesome signs Stellar has provided for us. It has been a pleasure working with the great staff at Stellar!
    John Hull, Teamsters
  • I love how our board looks, and it’s in a great location too. As long time clients of Stellar, we will continue to remain long time clients. The staff at Stellar are excellent, and I would recommend Stellar to anyone looking for outdoor advertising.
    Gerry Hawkes, Mariposa folk Festival
  • I love both boards I have with Stellar. They get really great exposure - I have been getting a crazy number of calls from cottage country folks. The Stellar girls are great!
    Paul Chouinard, Spray Foam